What? Why?

What this will be about what and why.
(updated on 17.8.2020.)

Effilicious is about all things which are efficient and delicious, but not necessarily at the same time. You will find here methods to do this and that as well as recipes for cooking. This about covers the What.

Why? L’art pour l’art and maybe more. There is only a small number of people who appreciate the fact that traditional Balkan axe is very similar to the Japanese axe: they both have beards; that a Mole Cricket shares with a Mole more than a name: they have similarly build front legs; and that paleontologists were dead wrong to think all relations in animal kingdom can be deducted from the fossils. Geneticists proved them dead wrong when they discovered genetic relationships between completely differently looking animals and no relationship at all  between some that were thought to be related. Why a Japanese axe is similar to a Balkan one, is the same reason why a Mole Cricket has similar fore legs as a Mole. Those pairs of tools, the axe and those legs, evolved to serve a common purpose: to split wood with a blade that at the same time protects the axe handle, and to dig through dirt. I’ll write a post about this some day.

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