Simplenote to Joplin import tutorial

Install Joplin desktop, export notes from Simplenote, change extensions to .md and import to Joplin. Read on if you have time.

I always wanted to have a simple note taking app that can note text and pictures. Joplin, a FOSS peace of software, was just what I was looking for.

A word about my Joplin setup… I have a desktop instance on a Windows machine and Android instance running. They both synchronize with a common folder in my Nextcloud. Synchronization is made via WebDAV. If you want to set it up like me, just remember that the end of WebDAV link has to end with the folder you are synchronizing in (this is in my case If you do it like this, you can have several Joplin apps installed and they will all show notes from the Nextcloud Joplin folder.

Importing notes to Joplin

There are several file types that can be imported to Joplin:

This is the procedure for .md file type:

  1. Export notes from Simplenote – Menu –> Settings –> Tools –> Export notes
  2. Unzip to a folder
  3. Change extensions on all .txt files to .md (easily done in Win Command line)
    ren *.jpg *.png
  4. Import to Joplin (You can use the MD – Markdown (Directory) option)

Good luck!

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